Wine = Friendship?

While visiting my friends blog, I saw a photo of "Wine and dishes" prepared by my friend. I asked why wine is very useful during dinner, she said it's romantic. Then I noticed the year printed on the label and it says 1962 and I was a very old wine and once again I asked why. She replied:"The older the wine is, the sweeter it becomes".....and that comes into my mind....about friendship and wine....and I found out something! So why Friend and Wine?

Friendship is very fragile, and very important in your life, It gives you warmth and a sence of peace and colorful life but can you hold a friendship longer? Well, as what it says, "like the wine, the longer the better(友誼像美酒,越陳越醇)" and it really does make sence...the longer your friendship is, the stronger the bonds. By Using pop art, I used english as well as Chinese to describe my designs~ (^o^)