About Natsuko

So who is Natsuko?

Natsuko is a Japanese doll I named from a Ninyo or Ichimatsu doll which represent a girl dressed in kimono. The name "Natsuko" derived from the word "Natsu" means Summer and "Ko" means child, therefore literally means "Child born during Summer". She represents a girl whom i cherish the most. Wherever I go, wherever I am, I will make sure that she is always with me. And that's why she has become my model in any of my art forms ;)

Here is a brief story about how I adopt her - Kendspiration blog

Not to be mistaken with the Kimmidoll which was famous both Japan and Internationally. Natsuko was the classical doll which was made from wood. Natsuko has many friends, there were a few listed below and some I sketched into doodles which you can view it by clicking HERE.

Natsuko's Friends:

Pek Chek Kia (ペコチェクキア)
From: Pekchekkia.com
Owner: Kim Hang

ChuChu (チューチュ)
Owner: Angeline Hii

 Ami (エイミー)
Owner: Joanne Lau

 Danbo (ダンボー)
Owner: Sheng Han

More coming soon....



Catherine Lim said...

Very cute!

Kendrick Ng said...

Sankz!! hehehehe~ XD