Going up 20! (Part 2)

A word to everybody~

I would like to thank My Family especially my Dad, mum and sis for making the wonderful power point for me!!!!!

To my biggggggg family SSLAA !!! Thank you very very much!!!!

To Venetia, Philo, Alina, Kelvin, Celine, Jeffrey, Denise, Shinyi, Andrew, Kenshiu, Tan Jason, Sue Teng, Eclair, Jerry Jimis,Zhi Fong, Heppy , Boon Chin, Heppy, Maximillion, Ruben, Raymond, Pang You, Kah Sing, Charles, Hon Keat, Avery, Junvinna, Sharon, Nelson, Khui Mei and many more! Thanks for your birthday wishes!

To Jeffery, Hui Hui, Gracia, Lin Xin who made a surprise!Thanks to them lying me about a computer virus... (=.=")and they reli caught me...haiz....am I a computer nerd?....haha...anyway..they came all over to my house, miss called me 7 times and shouted my name for many times....**I was dreaming that time**

And many thannnnnnnnks to Serene, Wan Lih, Wendy, Doreen, Chih Ceng, Lai , Tan Chee Hao and Quek Shin Yi who prepared the stramboat dinner, I really had a great time but this birthday dinner is the 1st dinner I being blur all the way....but then I am sooo happy today~ haha, and their new "special soup" makes me feel "something" inside my stomach...hehe but I had the best times......but I didn't comb my hair....aww....like just woke up...>.<>.< what a tiring day for me, I won't forget this day!! haha