Artwork on theRAGE!

Today I received a shocking news from Malaysia, as my old artworks were being featured in the newspapers on 8th December 2010 (The Star - R.AGE section). 

The photo above where the authors of the website: Isabelle, teacher and PhD student/ researcher Ng Jo-Han holding their websites with displaying their website and also giving quote to my artworks. Although the article was not mainly about designs but I am grateful that my works was being shown.

The artwork was actually a banner and wallpaper design which I designed for Berry Berry Easy website (A website to help SPM and STPM students with their studies with heaps of information to guide them -Recommended for all students who is taking SPM and STPM!) and that time I was just new to computer graphics design and self-learning by trying out different designs by helping the community without accepting any commission. (view the original design post HERE )

Back at December 2009, I was being featured as a Berry Berry role model (You can view the article HERE) , it was my first achievement back at those days. Currently I am residing at Australia for my final year. There were many creative and talented designers around the world and I wish I could be the best and continue to provide creativity and art to my lovely fans who loved my art. Once Again, I would like to thank everyone especially Berry Berry Easy who supported my works throughout these years!



Pek Chek Kia said...

congra been feature on the star and berry berry easy.
hope ur artwork will get more widespread than b4, u ve an awesome skill!

Kendrick Ng said...

Hey! Thank you very much. I will try my very best! Although it's just a small achievement, but it was enough and made my day. Looking forward in meeting you! =)

Catherine Lim said...

Kendrick, congratulations once again! I wish you all the best in achieving all your goals!

From your loyal supporter,