Tribute: Thanks everyone for the memories

Pencil effect

Sepia Effect

Lomo and normal effect

Different photos, with 3 different effect. Wanted to thank everyone for being in my life, this is for you guys, enjoy ^^


Meow Meow said... creative and memorial! I like the first one, looks like comic to me! =)

Narvin said...

Its nice mate,the way you play with the effects and stuff. And well, love it cause its our memories.

Cyrus Zenria said...

awesome..!! it's so nice to be shown in drawn form ^^ hahaa~~ and i'm in there~! woo hoo :D

::Xx PiNk DoLpHiN xX:: said...

Love It Kend

Kendrick Ng said...

To all,

Thanks for the lovely comments! I am trying to improve my designs so I could make a living at Melbourne, I might be tagging you all in if I came out with any designs...really appreciate if you have comments and critiques to share so I can improve!

Keep in touch! ^^