2010 Project! Everyone's invited!

Harlo, how are you?I hope everyone's doing fine =)

M inviting you all to help me with my Year 2010 Calendar design! Originally it was a request from my family to design it and they asked me to design 5 sets of 2010 calendar (12months x 5) based on my friends idea and give them as a New Year present (Which means YOU!)

Will it go to print? oh how I wished it badly....anyway, for starters, m going to design wallpapers based calendar and will post it HERE for download and your names will added in!

For now, u choose your favorite month and insert your ideas (your favorite color, what u want me to put in- bear? Toy? Ice Cream, anything! but dun put your favorite actors, singers or from a copyright source =P) in the following theme which am gonna design:

1. Animals and other cute stuffs
2. Random (Anything)
3. Photos and abstract
4. Art and Music
5. Foods (Ice Creams, chocolates etc....)

Do reply! =)

This is for tribute purposes- a gift, a present for you all =) It is not for earning $$ purposes.


Catherine Lim said...

I participate! =)

Guan Han Jie said...

Include holidays also ar! HOLIDAYS are important! Must highlight them nicely. I was planning to create a Flash calendar, but well... busy @ Co-op~~