STOMP- Charity concert poster preview

Another poster designed for a charity concert! Give some comments! Thanks!


James Voon 小汉宗 said...

hey~ hvnt seen u update recently
nice design!
n grunge feel
haha bt gt feel a bit
less detail~
take k my friend ^^

-conRad- said...

Hey Kend

I prefer the first poster in this post .. =)

Jessie said...

hey there kendrick..

first of all, great work! =)

i like all of them, but it's the first and the last design that i like most. i don't know which to choose tho.. lolz!!!

keep up the good work. will let u in on the details hopefully asap.. lozl!!!

take care and see ya! =)

adore said...

Looks nice and if only the visual could sound more 'stomp!'... perhaps a stamp kind of design in the word stomp?

And i think red can go make the poster look more attractive if we're to put this on the notice board

just my humble suggestions. you can ignore it =)

house88kend said...

Hello people, this is just Draft 1, there's still time to change, the "stomp", I will put more effort on the stomp, like a STAMP (Idea by Adore)or a footprint(idea given by Bala).
I will be doing this after 30th April, because my exams is this week but comments and feedbacks are accepted! ^^

P/s, I need more comments and suggestions thanks!

Skywalker said...

hey Kend,
Very nice design ... but wat do u think if d ... ehm.. dunno how to describe d image inside d heart shape -- to be changed to some other more 'positive' sign of thing ? 'koz this current one looks a bit like 'dark' creature stuff .. and this design is for charity ....

cheers !

gerina said...

i like the 1st poster