Tribute: Piano

Piano has been a musical instrument for many years...back to the years of Chopin...Beethoven and many other great musicians...I love the symphony of the piano and the keys and the soft music makes me feel comfortable. In today's theme, 'Piano" is a dedication to my beloved Rui Qing. Here's a simple poem that I made during I designed this wallpaper.... I am not that pro in writing poems but I've tried my best (>.<).

In the cool morning dawn,
I heard a symphony, a smooth melody,
Softly, in the dusk, where I saw you,
Sitting on that chair I made for you, accompanied with the remedy of music;

The strokes of your keys soothe my soul,
Two souls that share a common desire,
I have never seen my piano mans face, nor heard his voice;
but the desires we share are the same
You played, and the voice appeared...

A gift from God, where passion was made,
The sweet melodies being played,
I heard it, and I will always remember it,
I will always remember you, and always will be.


Ashley said...

Thanks dear..
I really love the poem u composed for me..
i am so touched..
and i hope to teach little children my knowledge in music...
so it will continue on thru life...
and really thank you for being in my life.


house88kend said...

Especially for you ^^ Love you and happy birthday dear ^^