Holidaying, Reunion, and the season of giving is here!!

Aloha friends and fans!

I will be back to my hometown! Yeah!! Finally I can return to my home and have some rest, the land below the wind, escape from the crowded, hectic life of KL! ^^It's been a while and I really miss my home, 8 years to be exact and now in this 2 months, many plans to be done back at my hometown!!!

I may stop design for the moment......but no worries, I will be still posting my artworks and designs If I can get hold of any internet connection at my place^^ From November 1st onwards, my designs will be based on random days and not the original everyday posting. Don't forget to check out my blog during Thanks Giving, The Chinese Winter Welcoming Day, Christmas and New Years Eve! ^^ Surprises awaits on these special day! ^^ Oh ya, wishing everybody Happy Halloween, its today, don't forget to get some treat, I want Ice cream sweets !!

Dear Ashley, while I was back at Sabah, I may not be there as always to reply your sms or to call you but I will always remember you during this festive season. Take care and have a nice festive season with your family and friends! Love you ^^

And to all my sisters, brothers, best buddies, lecturers, and all sorts of crazy but exciting friends,
I gonna MISS you all!! May the memories of year 2008 will be forever in my heart....(T.T) reli gonna miss you all....gees....hahahaha, I will be back soon!!! So see you in 2009!!!Muahahaha ^^


Best Wishes, Kendrick a.k.a house88kend


david santos said...

Great and pretty week for Malasian people!!!

slumbeRAJA said...

happy holiday man. come back soon ^^.